Tulsa DUI Guy Zach SmithLet’s face it: social drinking can be an awful lot of fun. Whether it’s to relax after a hard day’s work, or to celebrate your favorite sports team winning the big game with your buddies, alcohol is one of the true universal social lubricants. The downside to all of the fun you can have with alcohol is that it can severely compromise your reaction times, as well as your level of coordination. Both of these things can make operating a motor vehicle particularly dangerous, and trying to do with alcohol in your system can be dangerous for you both physically, and legally.

Still, there are plenty of steps you can take to protect yourself, and make sure that an incredible night doesn’t have the possibility of ending either with tragedy, or with one or more of your friends ending up with a criminal record due to a DUI arrest and conviction. First and foremost, it’s always a better idea to drink among friends. The more you’re able to trust the people you’re hanging out with, the safer it is for everyone.

The most responsible thing to do when drinking socially or drinking publicly is to appoint a designated driver. In other words, one person in your group volunteers to go the entire night with no drinking whatsoever, and just sticks to water or soda whenever you head out to the bar. That way, even in the event that you’re pulled over while driving everyone home, it’s apparent to the officer that you’re doing the most responsible thing that you can.

The problem is that for the person that volunteers for this, the evening might not be as much fun when everybody else starts to get a little tipsy, and they’re still stone sober. Still, it’s a sacrifice that’s more than worthwhile, and you can always rotate this responsibility around if you typically go out and party with the same group of people on a regular basis. It’s not fun to be the one that’s responsible for getting everybody back to their houses or apartments every single weekend, especially if your friends don’t all live fairly close together.

If you insist on drinking alone, it’s still possible to be safe if you’re out while drinking. If it’s absolutely imperative that you drive yourself home at the end of the night, pace yourself with your drinks. A fully grown man of average size and normal health can stay below the legal blood alcohol limit as long as they stick to just a pint of beer every 60 to 90 minutes. While the exact limit can vary based on which state you’re in, by and large, this is a level at which most people feel fairly confident driving. Even if that’s the case, and you don’t feel drunk at all, you still want to protect yourself from the possibility of getting a DUI. In fact, for the last half hour or so that you’re at the bar, it’s advisable that you switch to water, and drink at least a pint before leaving.

Of course, if you feel even the least bit uncomfortable driving after drinking alcohol, don’t. There are plenty of bar employees that would have absolutely no problem calling a cab for you. If you’re out in the country, and that’s not a reasonable option for you, they’ll often let you wait around until a little past closing time to give a friend of yours time to get there and pick you up. The point is to exercise common sense, and to know your own limits. Take all things in moderation, and you’ll have plenty of parties in the future to look forward to.

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