It is all too common that countless thousands of people make the decision to get behind the wheel of a car while their blood alcohol content is beyond the legal limit and far too often.

In many cases the drunk driver has come to the conclusion that they are “not that drunk” or feel that they are still perfectly capable of operating a motor vehicle and feel they have no cause for concern when they drive intoxicated. Most cases of this prove to end in horrible drunk driving accidents, DUI or DWI arrests or even death of the drunk driver or the death or injury of other innocent drivers or pedestrians on the road.

Avoiding or preventing DUI related catastrophes is the smartest method. It is never a good idea to operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated. While a drunk driver may have enough liquid courage to make themselves believe they are driving safely the truth lies in the statistics.

For anyone who has avoided acknowledging the issue of drunk driving we have listed some of the signs that police officers are trained to focus on when attempting to spot drunk drivers.

Driving Drunk

Usually signs of drunk driving are more obvious to the sober driver, or to the police, than the driver under the influence. In most cases the drunk driver is completely unaware of the driving behavior when impaired. Swerving or drifting over the lines or in to other lanes as well as failing to follow the most basic traffic laws are usually the most common signs that police will notice.

Another surefire way to be noticed by the police is by failing to use your turn signals and also failing to turn on your headlights. This is something we see all too often. Forgetting to apply this most basic function when operating a vehicle can cost you thousands in legal fees and court costs when you are arrested for a DUI.

If you are pulled over under the suspicion of driving drunk every moment that follows will be key in supporting the police’s DUI case against you. Signs and suspicions due to your behavior can be used as evidence against you. Loose posture, slurred speech and the inability to stand up straight are common signs of drunk driving and will build the state’s case against you for DUI in Tulsa OK. Remember that once you have been stopped you are now being recorded and everything you say and do is on record for the courts to reference. If you behave badly or are showing clear signs of being intoxicated this video, or audio, recording will be used to prove the state’s case against you in court.

DUI Prevention

Preventing an intoxicated driver from operating a motor vehicle is the best way to avoid all the issues that can come about by driving drunk. Although this is not always an easy task it does prove to be helpful. Friends watching out for each other and making plans ahead of time about how to handle transportation is always a safe bet. ALso, no matter how much the intoxicated party may argue, taking the car keys away has proven to be a life saving action.

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol abuse and may also be putting themselves and others at risk by driving drunk you may consider the available solutions. There are many government, state and private sponsored programs available to provide assistance for those suffering from alcohol abuse. You can research these programs online or even speak to family friends about what they know as alcohol abuse is a very real form of addiction that many people suffer from and it is likely that people you already know may have had successful treatment before.

Don’t Drive Drunk

Whichever case applies to you there is one thing that is true for everyone. Driving drunk can have devastating results whether you are the drunk driver or the innocent pedestrian. Drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive. Take care of each other and make safe plans when alcohol is involved.

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