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“Sometimes bad things happen to good people.”

Meet Zach Smith and Sabah Khalaf

The Tulsa DUI Guys

The Tulsa DUI Guys are DUI defense lawyers located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Zach Smith and Sabah Khalaf are former prosecutors who defend more DUIs in Tulsa than any other law firm. Tulsa DUI Guys regularly defend DUI, DWI, and DUI manslaughter cases in Tulsa District Court, Tulsa Municipal Court, and district courts in the surrounding areas. If you have been arrested for DUI, drunk driving or driving while impaired and need DUI or DWI help from the best DUI attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma or the surrounding areas, call us, The Tulsa DUI Guy.

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Help When You Need It Most

A DUI Arrest Can Have a Permanent Impact on Your Life. The moment you see the flashing lights and hear the wailing siren of a police car, you know that your life may be forever changed. The testing to see if you are legally drunk is only the start. An arrest, a phone call home, and a court date brings fear, embarrassment and uncertainty of your future. Tulsa DUI lawyers Zach Smith and Sabah Khalaf have devoted their entire practice to DUIs, and their current caseload is 99% DUI and DUI Manslaughter Defense.

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Criminal Defense Attorney


Hiring the best criminal defense attorneys can mean the difference between prison time and freedom. Tulsa criminal defense attorneys Zach Smith and Sabah Khalaf went to work at the Tulsa County District Attorney’s office strait out of law school. Knowing how the attorneys at the other table operate can be the advantage you need.

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Sometimes Bad Things Happen To Good People…

Criminal Defense Lawyers and Tulsa DUI Attorneys Zach Smith and Sabah Khalaf understand this. If you have been arrested and charged with “Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol” (DUI), we understand that you are not a bad person or a “criminal”. We also understand that you may not even be guilty of the crime charged. Just because you have been arrested for drunk driving and charged with “driving under the influence of alcohol” or “driving while impaired” (DWI) does not mean you are going to jail or are guilty of a DUI. A DUI can change your life forever, and without the best Tulsa DUI attorney representing you, you could pay for this unfortunate mistake for a long time. When it comes to drunk driving our society has gradually become tougher on DUI and DWI offenses over the years due to legislators and M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Some jurisdictions require mandatory jail time and the financial costs to a person stopped for drunk driving and charged with a DUI can be staggering. That doesn’t even include the impact of the loss of your driver’s license.

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