Yikes, Oklahoma DUIs Can Increase Your Insurance For Years

Yikes, Oklahoma DUIs Can Increase Your Insurance For Years

Your auto insurance rates probably aren’t at the top of your mind during a DUI arrest. But they certainly will be when you see just how much a conviction for driving under the influence in Oklahoma can increase your insurance costs.

The reasons for this are simple. Insurance companies are in the business of making money and satisfying shareholders. They do that by collecting premium payments from you and by limiting what they have to pay out in claims.

Accidents arising from DUIs cost insurance companies a fortune. So, if you get a DUI, there is a greater statistical chance that the insurance company will have to pay a big claim in the future. In order to compensate for that increased risk, you get charged more in premiums.

So just how bad is it?

The Zebra is an online company that compares insurance costs on behalf of consumers. They recently researched rates at major insurance providers to find out just how bad it can get with a DUI conviction on your record.

In Oklahoma, they found, you could be paying over $2,500 a year following a DUI conviction, an increase of 44 percent over the average auto insurance cost if you didn’t have a DUI.

Here’s an example of how a DUI and other driving offenses can increase your insurance rates:

Overall, the best thing you can do to prevent your insurance from going up is to not drive under the influence. Still, we know bad things happen to good people and that otherwise careful people make mistakes. A DUI arrest does not mean an automatic conviction, license revocation, or punishment. If you do find yourself accused of a DUI, you’ll want the best advocacy available to ensure your rights are protected. If you hire us, we will work with you to analyze every detail of your DUI case to minimize the impact it will have on you and your life. Contact us for a free consultation.