How To Use Oklahoma’s Impaired Driver Accountability Program (IDAP)

How To Use Oklahoma’s Impaired Driver Accountability Program (IDAP)

Having your drivers license revoked after a DUI can have drastic consequences, including not being able to work or live a normal life. Under new laws passed in late 2019, you now have a direct path to keeping your license. Previously, DUI and Actual Physical Control arrests resulted in license suspensions with very few exceptions. Oklahoma’s new Impaired Driver Accountability Program (IDAP) allows you to keep your license from being revoked if you meet certain conditions.

Enrollment in the program is voluntary and must be started quickly after an arrest. If you’re considering IDAP to keep driving after a DUI, here are the steps to utilize the program:

Apply within 30 days

To enroll in IDAP you must apply within 30 days of receiving notice that your license is being revoked. Typically, this notice comes the same day you are arrested. You will submit your application to the Department of Public Safety and if approved, you’ll need to register with them and pay a fee.

Register within 45 days

If you are accepted into IDAP, you’ll need to register with the program by signing an agreement and paying the fees - $200 for the IDAP registration and $50 for a restricted license. You must do this within 45 days of your arrest. Don’t wait until the last minute, you need time to get an Ignition Interlock Device installed within 45 days.

Get an Ignition Interlock Device installed within 45 days

An Ignition Interlock Device is a condition of the IDAP program. This device keeps your car from starting until a breath alcohol test is passed. Your device must be installed at a service center that is licensed by the Oklahoma Board of Tests for Alcohol and Drug Influence. They will regularly calibrate and test the device as well.

Drive without incident during IDAP

You will continue using the Ignition Interlock Device for the duration of your required participation in IDAP. For a first DUI offense, this is 180 days. For a second DUI, it’s 1 year and for a third DUI, 3 years. Violations while in the program typically result in extending your participation by 2-12 months depending on your DUI arrest history. Multiple violations can result in removal from the program and license suspension.

How much does IDAP cost?

After your initial IDAP registration fee of $200 and $50 for a restricted license, the remaining costs are related to the Ignition Interlock Device. Installation is typically around $75 with a monthly maintenance fee around $75 dollars.

For a first time DUI, the total cost of the program and device is roughly $775. For second and third DUI offenses, this cost increases with the time needed to continue using the Ignition Interlock Device and keep it maintained and calibrated - roughly $1,225 for a second DUI and $3025 for a third DUI. This allows you to continue driving instead of having your license suspended for the 6 months, 1 year, or 3 years previously required.

For more information about Oklahoma’s new DUI laws and IDAP, click here to read our full post.


Some common terms in this article and others related to Oklahoma DUI laws and the new IDAP program.

  • Impaired Driver Accountability Program (IDAP) - The new Oklahoma program that permits driving with an Ignition Interlock Device instead of license suspension after a DUI arrest.
  • Department of Public Safety (DPS) - The Department of the State of Oklahoma responsible for issuing and revoking driver’s licenses.
  • Ignition Interlock Device - An in-car breathalyzer that prevents the car from starting until a breath test is taken and passed.
  • Actual Physical Control (APC) - The crime of being intoxicated and in control of a motor vehicle, but not driving. Generally, these cases arise when an officer finds someone (who is intoxicated) asleep in their car. The law is based on the idea that you could drive away at any time and be a danger to others.